I’ve been using PCs and training people on them since IBM introduced them in 1985, and I’ve been developing for the Internet since the early 1990′s.  I’ve provided technology services and support to many clients.

I feel like I’ve been involved in nearly every possible technology situation or problem, but new ones always crop up just to prove me wrong. If your situation is new to me, I’ll be the first to let you know; and if I need to invest time in learning something new, it’ll be on my time, not yours. I am familiar with WordPress development (and numerous other website development tools), Windows, as well as most Microsoft Office applications. I work with MACs, but my experience with them is not as extensive as my experience with PCs.

As a website developer and technology consultant, my goal is to help make your website and technology work for you. I produce websites that get results and help educate and enable my clients to get the most from their websites and technology.